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We believe small things can have a big impact and that nurturing a growth mindset in children can pay dividends down the road. Our collection of thoughtfully-developed, gender-neutral products is designed to instill a work ethic in the tiniest of humans.

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Ashley Kegley-Whitehead

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Children's Chore Products

The Checklist Chore Book
How you define helpfulness within your family is paramount to how your children will interpret responsibility and what it means to be a part of the team. Chores don't have to be difficult or disagreeable. Discover how work can be play in this delightful story of confidence, kindness and character-building. With a playful, rhythmic cadence, The Checklist delivers life lessons in memorable, bite-sized messages teaching children how to think, not what to do. Bold, bright and ultra impactful, this modern picture book is a must for any growing, home library. Chores are cool. Raising confident kids is, too! Written by Ashley Kegley-Whitehead and illustrated by Monique Aimee. THE DETAILS MATTER > For the young and young at heart: Ideal for ages 3-to-10, though this family-friendly book is great for all ages. Research suggests that the best predictor of child success later in life is whether or not they participated in household tasks at a young age - particularly beginning at 3 and 4 years old. > Quality materials: We use a protective hardback cover for added durability, protection, and quality. Additional design features like an embossed title and spot UV add dimension and depth. > Unique Sizing: This noteworthy 10 x 10 square shape is used far less frequently than either the portrait or landscape design, adding genuine uniqueness and balance that draws your eye into the center of each page. > Sustainably Printed: All paper used in this book is a natural, recyclable product made from wood grown in well-managed forests.
Responsibility Abacus
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER (Expected Date: March) Little Lift. Big Responsibility. Introducing the LittleLift Responsibility Abacus*, an elevated Chore Chart that is equal parts science, style, and function. Beautifully designed and sustainably crafted, this modern chore chart is one you'll actually want to keep on display, which means your little one (and you!) are more likely to see and implement new routines at home. This product is the second in our healthy habit builder sequence: Implement. We’ve piqued your child’s interest in chores, now let’s practice helpfulness and make a lasting impact. Simple, stylish, and truly intuitive, it's a favorite among kids and parents alike. Reimagine responsibility and empower your children to create and own their personal daily checklist. Details Matter: > 20 pre-defined age-appropriate chore tabs with 6 customizable options (tabs slide in and out) > Pre-defined chores are written for the entire family, parents too. We want to communicate that housework takes teamwork. Everybody has a job to do. > Each chore is written in the affirmative, which means your children are checking things off with a sense of accomplishment, not dread. > Easy-to-understand icons that even the littlest of helpers can figure out. > Fun tasks like "I tried something new" and "I flexed my creative muscles" help you teach children how to approach the day, not what to do. > Made of sustainable, fast-growing basswood > Comes with a white powder-coated metal stand or a hook if you prefer to hang your chart. > Measures 12 x 9 x .3 inches *Please note, due to supply-chain and manufacturing delays the Responsibility Abacus will ship separately and is estimated to arrive in early 2022.





What We Believe In
Designed to make a difference today and tomorrow, BigHer Impact's LittleLift series is the only chore-centered children’s collection focused on gender equity and empowerment through responsibility. We believe small things can have a big impact and that nurturing a growth mindset in children can pay dividends down the road. Our collection of thoughtfully-developed, gender-neutral products is designed to instill a work ethic in the tiniest of humans. Decades of studies show that children benefit not only academically and emotionally, but professionally and civically from contributing to household chores. Yet, despite its benefits, children today are less likely to pitch in. This paradox has become our inspiration. We believe that what we teach kids at a young age has the power to shape behavior in adolescence and that if we want to create more equitable communities, households, and workplaces, we must first foster more confidence, compassion, and self-reliance in our youth. That work begins at home. In an effort to affirm and nurture self-esteem, and destigmatize chores, we’ve reimagined household responsibility and turned work into play. Simply put, BigHer Impact is a conduit to character-building; an opportunity to teach children how to think, not what to do.
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Meet the Owner
Designer, author, and maker-mom of two, Ashley Kegley-Whitehead is a social-impact entrepreneur on a mission to build self-reliant, compassionate, confident kids. She believes small things can have a big impact, and that the messages and stories we tell our children today, will shape their imagination and outlook tomorrow. As a female, raising two young girls, Ashley understands the importance of and knows first-hand, how values and ideals show up in our communities, workplaces, and households. The Checklist is part of BigHer Impact’s LittleLift series, the only chore-centered children’s collection focused on equity and empowerment through responsibility. Chores are cool. Raising kids with confidence is, too.
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