Macau International Airport

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Memory by Ayeen

“Our First Flight: Macao, Here We Come!” January 25 My experience riding an airplane was really scary, my heart keeps beating so fast, gladly Carl was there to comfort me and make me laugh to replace my fears with excitement. He told me “Ayeen, Tingin ka sa labas.” As I look outside the window, I saw a beautiful landscape filled with dazzling lights, I was astonished and mesmerized by it. My heart’s fuss suddenly turned into a fluffy heart-warming feeling. It was so beautiful!. (✿◡‿◡) After 1 hour and 30 minutes, I can see that we’re almost near our destination. The airport in Macau was a breath-taking view; their airport is surrounded by the sea. As soon as we get-off the plane “Whooo” I felt the cold breeze rushing to me as it touches my skin down to my bones… “What a soothing feeling! So Refreshing… At first, it was bearable, but as the night time approaches you’ll need someone to cuddle, perhaps a jacket to keep you warm. As we went out the airport and wait for the bus to pick us up, I was amazed by their bus; their bus is just like in the K-dramas and movies I’ve watched. As you ride the bus you’ll be placing coins inside a box-like container before finding your sit, they also have a USB socket where you can plug your phones just in case you’re running out of battery, Cool, Right? I also noticed that their bus stops have site map indications which would be very helpful for the tourist you only have 10% chance of getting lost.



+853 2886 1111

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