Hi! I am Bats and please... #LEMIinyourteam 😂


Hi! I am Bats! 🦇 I am a 22 year old Filipina from Quezon City. Are you ready to get to know me? 🤔 If the answer is yes, you're in for a ride! 😉 Leggoooo! 🤩

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Quezon City

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Quezon City, Philippines • Memory • 

So lets start it off where I am from! 🌍 I am from one of the biggest cities in the Philippines, Quezon City! 🏙️ There's a lot to do here but we'll get into that more in another list. 😏 I've lived in Quezon City for my whole life and I memorize it most of its hidden gems and little treasures. 🤩 Fun fact: I love finding amazing things in the most unexpected places! 🤟 Fun fact 2: This is the City Hall of Quezon City! I loove that building for some reason 😍

  • Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Ortigas Center

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Pasig City, Philippines • Memory • 

Currently I am working in Ortigas as a Community Manager for a Digital Marketing Agency called Binary Digital Advertising! 💻📱 I've been in this company for 4 months and I think I really found my passion in this job. I love strategizing and creating campaigns and innovating how to approach Digital Marketing.📊 I spend most of my time working because I love to work. Its genuinely a hobby. Especially if I am doing something I am passionate about. I believe work teaches people so much about not just the industry they're in but about the individual as well. I feel like I've grown so much from work than anything I've done in life.📈 Fun fact: I've been working since I was 18! I would freelance and do work on the side while I was in College. I started as an Events Manager but I really found my love in Digital Marketing ⌨️🖱️

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De La Salle University Manila

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Manila, Philippines • Memory • 

Before I became a Community Manager, the last school I studied in was De La Salle University. I took up BS Marketing Managament but I shifted to AB Communication Arts. 🎥 🎬 I was a year away from graduating when I had to stop going to College. Life wasnt easy at that time and choices had to be made. I gave way to my 7 year old sister studying. I knew she had so much to learn and I was somewhat ready to be in the work force.👟➡️👠 I do plan to go back to school but through online school. I dont believe in stopping work to study because I feel I can handle doing both when the time comes. 📚 + 💻 Fun fact: I chose this picture cause this really explains studying in Taft. Working hard, grinding everyday for your dreams. 💪

  • +63 2 8524 4611
  • 2401 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

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Monte-Carlo, Monaco • Wishlist • 

I've been talking about my past and present, lets go into the future! 🔜 I really work hard day in and day out not just for the people I love or myself. I work hard for my dreams! 🤓 I am an extremely ambitous person. I know in myself that I am not meant for the simple life. I want to be one of the best in my field and I want to be a disruptor and trend setter in my field. I want to have a work-life balance life that rewards me professionally and personally. I want to be able to be a multi-medium Filipino content creator that sets the standards in the country and maybe in the world., 🤳👩‍💻 One of my most ambitous dreams is to be able to go to Monaco and watch Formula 1 with one of my closest college friends. I feel that going to Monaco would mean that my hard work has paid off and I was able to give myself my wings to be able to explore the world. 🏎️🏎️🏎️ Fun fact: My favorite team is Ferrari and my favorite driver is Charles Le Clerc! My favorite Team Principle is Toto Wolff though. I have massive respect for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen though! 🏆🎉

  • Monaco

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Penbrothers - Legazpi Village

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Makati City, Philippines • Wishlist • 

So to segway in to why I originally started making this list... I am applying to Lemi as a Community Manager and I would love to be part of your team! 😍 "Um.... Why?" 🙄 Let me give you a list... In this list 😅 1. I think that I thrive in start ups. I love the culture of learning and growing in a start up. I also love the forward thinking approach start ups have about work-life balance. I also appreciate being close with the people you work with because you bond over insights and experiences you all went through in work. 👭👬 2. I feel like thia position is more suited for me professionally. I want to one day be a Creative Director or a Digital Strategist. My current job is focused more on sales. I want to focus more on strategy and marketing. I feel like if given this job, it will really open my world to being a strategist which I want to be. 🧠👀 3. I think Lemi integrates my passion for work and my personal hobby which is discovering the hidden gems and little treasures! Lemi honestly excites me tonlook forward to possibly having my dream job! ✈️ Fun Fact: I specialize brand and content strategy! I am also a seasoned traveler! I've been traveling since I was 4.

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San Juan, Philippines • Wishlist • 

YEY YOU MADE IT HERE! 🤩 So, I guess I am going to end this story here for now! I wouldnt want to spill the tea on everything and leave nothing for the interview 😅 Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I hope you learned some things about me and I hope that you guys see who I am, what motivates me and who I want to be! 😊 I think if there's a quote to sum me up it would be this: "I would rather lose everything living than have everything surviving." 👌 Stay safe everyone and live life, dont just survive! 💕 Also.... Please #LEMIinyourteampls 😂

  • Santol, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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